Nature Going Smart’s Advisory Service: an holistic approach to health


Nature Going Smart consultants tailor healing plans according to your distinctive set of characteristics such as age, constitution, geographical location, season, clinical history, ongoing treatments, food preferences, lifestyle and passions.

Nature Going Smart’s Advisory Service is based upon the scientific concept of personalised medicine.

There is no “one-model-fits-all”. We aid the treatment of the person, rather than generically addressing the disease. Every person is an unique human being with different necessities and abilities.

You will be empowered by the natural healing process with the possibility of reducing the use of synthetic drugs and their side effects by embracing a healthier lifestyle and improving the quality of your life at all levels: physical, mental & emotional.

At Nature Going Smart we believe in making a step towards a more sustainable and humane approach to healing.

Nature is balance and when we align with nature, we re-establish our inner harmony, our ease within, so that dis-ease is healed.

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Plans in detail:

Personalised Information for Pathology:

Description of cellular pathways implicated with disease aetiology (cause) & progression.
Characterisation of the underlying structure & what systems are involved.

Get empowered via the act of education, as the first step in your healing journey.
Be conscious about the underlining mechanisms of the dis-ease, and the way your body can fight it, so that you can team up with your own powerful healing system and win the match.
Become actively conscious about what is going on within the body, in order to understand how to support it back to health.
Work proactively & synergistically with your own body, therapist, therapy & support network, in order to re-establish balance.
Rather than passively waiting the effects of medication, become part of the solution.

Costumized dietary advice plan

Tailored program which takes in consideration your own individual constitution, metabolism and absorption rate of the medicines administered, lifestyle, personal food taste, time schedule, season & geographical location.
The program details nutrients intake and their benefits for your own condition.
The program includes:

1 full week (35 meals) – SHORT TERM
3 full weeks (105 meals) – MEDIUM TERM
6 full weeks (210 meals) – LONG TERM

of recipes custom-tailored around your specific needs.
Full grocery-list sample that will take guess-game away.

Minimize side effects & maximize health benefits of your current therapy thanks to a balanced nutrient absorption.
By utilising simple & effective recipes, you will discover the enjoyment of delicious meals which will tingle your tastebuds & fulfil your biochemical requirements.
Learn how to regulate your cellular system with food & keep this skill for the rest of your life.
Acquire the cares and procedures to restore physical, psychological & emotional balance through the acts of grocery planning, food preparation & mindful eating.
Follow an healthy diet based on abundance rather than deprivation.

Tailored cannabinoid therapy posology

Costumized plan for cannabinoid posology.
The plan includes appropriate dosage, timing & method of administration.

No more guess games with cannabinoid products.
Receive specific guidelines according to your symptoms, conjuncted therapy, personal preferences and daily schedule.
Endocannabinoids are the body’s most important neurotransmitters to maintain balance within all systems: from bones formation to stress, metabolism to cancer protection. They are fundamental molecules for our own mental, physical and psychological health. The vast majority of health conditions are generated by a misbalance of endocannabinoids, that is why we work with therapies that include the use of cannabinoid products, so that they can aid restoring a state of homeostasis.

Specific lifestyle advice plan

Detailed plan & tutorials which will guide you through simple & effective breathing techniques, meditative tools & sound healing practices.
Advice plan of physical therapy & mind-body exercises (both intended as active and passive movements), which will accompany your phytotherapy and dietary program.
Lifestyle advice includes the use of cognitive therapy tools & journaling, as well as rest-wake specific suggestions for your own best health performance.

Breathing is one of the most fundamental aspect of life, which we tend to overlook most of the times. Through our breath, and the quality of it, we can learn to control sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous systems and cleanse the bloodstream, which is the road for any medical treatment.
These tools are important for releasing stress, which is one of the main trigger of inflammatory disorders, cancers, neurodegenerative conditions as well psychiatric conditions.
The lifestyle plan is an important conjunctive element to aid increasing concentration & focus and replenishing of energies & vitality.
Reawaken & connect to your inner psychological & emotional strength to fight disease.
Improve the quality of your relationships, included the one with yourself.
Find balance of the physical, psychological & emotional body.

Phytoceutic & supplements plan (if necessary)

Plan of suggested complementary botanical extracts with a specific protocol of dosage & timing.

Quantitatively accountable boost of nutrients or minerals you may be deficient of.
Accurate targeting of specific issues, ameliorating therapeutic outcomes.
Non-invasive, accurate & safe method to supplement nutrients which may not be accessible for shortage of whole material (lack of sun, unavailability of certain plants)

12 Months Open Access to Private Q/A

Access to secure & private forum only accessed by Nature Going Smart consultants andother followers of our advisory services.

Connect with other likeminded individuals and create a sense of community.
Ask questions to our consultants.
The Q/A forum is a reliable tool that allows you to continue benefiting from advices from your consultant up to 6 months after your program expires
Be empowered by mutual support in your healing journey

Up to 25% Off on CBD Products

Exclusive discount codes to trusted and organic certified companies of the cannabis sector

Find GMP CBD products with prices not matched in any other store.
Test your own cannabis medicine with discounted test kits.
Save money and time, without loosing your energies in search of reliable companies.

Tritiation follow-up (Medium Term & Long Term ONLY)

MEDIUM TERM: 2 live consultations (120 minutes) + 5 remote service consultations (e-mails)
LONG TERM: 3 live consultations (180 minutes) + 10 remote service consultations (e-mails)
First live consultation (60 minutes) consists of discussing and finely adjusting your healing program.
Following the first live consultation, your advisor reviews your dosage throughout 5 remote service consultations.
Second live consultation (60 minutes) reviews the practices and therapy & the tritiation evaluated thus far. (LONG TERM ONLY)
Extra 5 remote service consultations to help keeping you on track and evaluate any new strategy required. (LONG TERM ONLY)
The last live consultation (60 minutes) consists of checking your condition, exchanging feedback and considering how to move forward with your therapeutic journey.

Maximise beneficial effects and minimise side effects of the therapy through a precise tritiation.
Get a one-to-one follow up with your own private consultant.
Be followed every step of the way, making it as easy as possible for you to progress in your healing journey.
Maximum flexibility.
Cost effective.

Chance to be part of the first holistic database gathering

Anonymous collection of clinical endpoints.
Statistical analysis & review

Our consultations are entirely base upon scientifically proven natural approaches.
This is possible thanks to the work of other physicians & scientists that have been gathering data throughout the years.
In order to endorse the use of “Complementary Alternative Medicine”, the need for scientific, evidence-based results of treatments with natural approaches is critical.
We will, if you consent, retain your data anonymously in order to initiate the first database gathering on conjuncted therapies of phytocompounds, nutraceuticals & mind-body approaches.
This database will form the bases for clinical practice and more people across the globe will finally improve the quality of their lives and regain dignity of their health conditions.
In many Countries phytocompounds & holistic therapies are not regulated or permitted by law, making it extremely difficult for many patients to receive the care they need. Thanks to data collection, you can directly influence the political agendas of medical, pharmaceutical & legislative campaigns, bringing clear scientific evidences of the advantages of natural therapies, helping other people feel great too.

For Medium and Long Term, possibility of splitting payment: 60% before 1st consultation; remaining 40% after 30 days of therapy


1) What type of payment do you accept?

We accept both pay-pal as well as bank transfer

2) Is it possible to split the payment?

You can pay separately, 60 % before the first live consultation (60 minutes live consultation, where we discuss the therapy)

3) Is there a cancellation policy?

You can opt out the program at any time, however, we require the 60% of program’s price before the first live consultation.

No cancellation policy is present for short term programs.


We believe in natural, whole compounds (plants, food) whenever possible, but sometimes it may be necessary, depending on your health condition & geographical location, to integrate supplements within your therapeutic regimen.

Upon registration, you will be required to fill a very detailed survey, which will form the basis to tailor your initial plan, alongside any other medical record (blood work, X-Ray etc).

Chronic & disabling disorders require a final concentration of cannabinoids which needs to be achieved via adaptation or sensitisation, thus requiring timed dosage and follow up.

We highly recommend this option if you have no previous experience of cannabinoids, or if you are an experienced recreational user, that requires to undergo medical cannabinoid treatment.

and the price of 3 moths consultations online are unmatched by any of the services provided alone.