Nature Going Smart is an online scientific magazine and consultation service that promotes public engagement to academic content, facilitating self-training and better understanding of nature.


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Nature Going Smart

Nature Going Smart aims to promote evidence-based research and education that can drastically improve life: ours and that of our ecosystems.

Nature Going Smart goal is “removing the barriers in the way of science”, providing a summary of peer-reviewed information free from any cost, and never in a language too technical to be grasped.

Medias often report imprecise, outdated information regarding patient care. Whilst specialized journals remain the best source for peer-reviewed contents, these are often not accessible to many, either for their cost or the jargon used.

Nature Going Smart promotes public engagement to academic content, aiming to cover a gap between medical science and patient population.

Nature Going Smart present the readers scientific evidences on nutraceuticals and phytoceuticals, alternative life-styles and mind-body techinques. However, it does not advocate abandoning current treatment, nor replacing the cares of the physician or specialist.


Be smart about your health, stay informed!

Nature Going Smart

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