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Cannabis in molecole: THCA (Acido Tetraidrocannabinolico)

In questo episodio esploriamo le proprietà terapeutiche di un cannabinoide secondario: il THCA, la forma acida della nota molecola del THC. Nella forma cruda, il componente principale della Cannabis sativa è il D9-THCA, la forma acida del noto e stigmatizzato THC; Queste due molecole sorelle si differenziano principalmente per una ragione:...

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Love yourself: a vegan meat with incredible health benefits

Jackfruit, or known in science as Artocarpus heterophyllus, is a large fruit (often weighting up to 8-9 kgs) which can be used both as a sweet dessert when well ripened, but also as a great meat substitute, roughly one month before its ripening time. Since it’s February, in most Countries of the... 0

Cannabis per la sciatica ed il mal di schiena

Il mal di schiena è un problema comune che colpisce molte persone ad un certo punto della loro vita. [1] Di queste, si stima che tra il 5.0% ed il 10.0% sviluppi una cronicizzazione, (nei testi scientifici: chronic low back pain (CLBP), le cui conseguenze sono un maggior dolore per i pazienti, alti... 0

Cannabis in molecules: Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCa)

In this episode we explore the properties of a lesser known cannabinoid & its therapeutic potential: the acid form of THC, THC acid. In its raw form, Cannabis sativa’s main constituent is D9-THCa, the acid form of the (in)famous D9-THC (or THC, for short); these two brother molecules are the... 0

CBD eye drops: a new frontier for ocular pain

Pain in the eye? Pain perception is a critical self-defence mechanism for the body. It tells us to steer clear of adverse stimuli — think of a hand over a flame. Ocular pain, a source of acute discomfort, may be a signal that prevents damage to the eye (from exposure to a noxious...

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L’importanza dell’analisi dei cannabinoidi

Nonostante il recente “boom” registratosi ultimamente nella produzione di tinture, estratti, capsule, supposte, e di altri prodotti derivanti dalla cannabis, quanti di questi prodotti a base di cannabinoidi possono effettivamente essere considerati una medicina? Abbiamo posto questa domanda durante il Cannafest a Praga a Sebastien Béguerie, fondatore della Union Francophone...

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Yoga sequence for peripheral neuropathy (MGUS)

The following yoga sequence has been developed for a patient of MGUS (Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance) suffering with an hemiparesis. Tailored video: MGUS The patient had reduced mobility to the entire right side of the body. We aimed to increase body awareness, proprioception and neuromuscular responses little by little, starting with...

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Cardioprotective Roast (vegan, gluten free)

A cardioprotective roast of delicious and crunchy vegetables seems the perfect dish on one of these cold and winter days. Here we present our version, but you can easily add more vegetables to your taste. Ingredients 6 Potatoes 2 Sweet potatoes 1 Aubergine 1 Red onion 4 Beetroots 1 Apple... 1

Cannabis para el dolor lumbar y ciático

El dolor lumbar es una condición común que afecta a muchas personas en algún momento de sus vidas. [1] Se estima que entre el 5,0% y el 10,0% de los casos desarrollarán dolor lumbar crónico. Esto es responsable de altos costos de tratamiento, licencias por enfermedad y sufrimiento. [2] Dado...