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Natural remedies for Alzheimer's medication side effects - Nature Going Smart

Natural remedies for Alzheimer’s medication side effects

This complete guide lists natural remedies found effective by the current scientific knowledge in reducing major and minor side effects experienced with the medicines commonly prescribed for Alzheimer’s Disease. The natural remedies described are plant-based products which we normally eat as...

cannflavin hemp sprout

Cannflavin & 10 Facts on Hemp Sprouts

We have already touched upon the topic of hemp sprouts in a short article titled: “10 reasons for eating hemp sprouts”. It’s an old article, dated june 2014 which I wrote few minutes after the illuminating...

Tea tree oil: an insight on the Aboriginal bush medicine

The Tea tree plant Melaleuca Alternifolia, the source of tea tree oil, has been in use for centuries by the traditional people of Australia. Often prepared by soaking in water overnight or applying the...