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Cardioprotective Roast (vegan, gluten free)

A cardioprotective roast of delicious and crunchy vegetables seems the perfect dish on one of these cold and winter days. Here we present our version, but you can easily add more vegetables to your taste. Ingredients 6 Potatoes 2 Sweet potatoes 1 Aubergine 1 Red onion 4 Beetroots 1 Apple... 1

Cannabis para el dolor lumbar y ciático

El dolor lumbar es una condición común que afecta a muchas personas en algún momento de sus vidas. [1] Se estima que entre el 5,0% y el 10,0% de los casos desarrollarán dolor lumbar crónico. Esto es responsable de altos costos de tratamiento, licencias por enfermedad y sufrimiento. [2] Dado... 0

Anti-inflammatory effects of a dietary cannabinoid: caryophyllene

Terpenes: a “smelly” super-family Terpenes are produced as secondary metabolites by many plants as a form of defence. They are a diverse class of organic compounds with well over 30,000 members and attribute the aroma of each plant, reason for which they are commonly used for cooking, as well as...

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Vitamin D, Genes and Crohn’s Disease

Have you ever wondered how some people are more likely to have certain diseases than other? Or how come we become more or less tolerant to types of food and food components, such as gluten? And how come, that some have a “hereditary cancer gene”, such as Angelina Jolie? And there’s some...

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CBD for newborn babies

Perinatal acute ischemic stroke Acute arterial ischemic stroke affects 4 over 1000 live newborns and is the most frequent type of acquired neonatal brain injury; The incidence is even higher in pre-term newborns, affecting approximately 60% of the babies, leading to long-lasting complications of the disease. Around one third of...

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DNA-repairing pumpkin curry

Autumn has come, bringing us cold weather and yummy vegetables: pumpkins, spinach, beans, and many more. That means, it’s the perfect time to make a warming and healing curry! Ingredients For this recipe you will need: 1 pumpkin Spices (amount to your taste): turmeric, coriander, cumin, chili peppers, black pepper...

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Cannabis suppository bioavailability: YES or NO?

Finding the ideal method of taking cannabis preparations is essential in every patient’s protocol and it varies depending on a lot of factors (type and location of disease, preparation accessibility, patient’s personal preferences, patient’s tolerability/sensitivity/endocannabinoid tone…). The use of cannabis suppositories has lately seen an increase, especially in some parts...

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Pranayama practice: Bhramari or Humming Bee

Humming Bee This pranayama practice is called Humming Bee by the characteristic sound it generates. It is a tranquillising exercise and it can be performed before going to sleep or as prelude to meditation. The breath is the most vital process of the body. It influences the activities of each and every cell and,...

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Endocanabinoides são os analgésicos do corpo

Uma introdução ao sistema endocanabinoide Desde a impactante identificação dos receptores canabinoides (CB1 em 1990 e CB2 em 1993), aparentava-se evidente de que nosso corpo produzia ligantes (substâncias que se ligam aos receptores) naturais a esses dois receptores [1,2]. N-aracdonil etanolamida foi o primeiro composto descoberto que se ligava fortemente...

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La place essentielle de la nature dans nos comportements

Ce n’est plus un secret, nous approchons dangereusement d’un point de non-retour écologique principalement dut à l’activité humaine. Plusieurs études suggèrent qu’une fois que la température terrestre aura augmenté de 4 degrés Celsius, des rétrocontrôles autrefois négatifs deviendront positifs (1). Autrement dit, certains écosystèmes, comme les forêts, qui absorbent la...