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Medical cannabis & diabetes: a review of the evidences

With diabetes being one of the leading disease burdens in the Western world, it is important to understand whether cannabis may provide protection from the development of this disorder, or if it can ease symptoms, leading towards a cure altogether. Self-medicating patients have been known to relieve their diabetic ulcers...


An holistic approach to infertility

How to deal with infertility? Today’s structure of the Western healing professions is divided into separate aspects of body, mind and spirit. Physicians are dedicated to the treatment of the body; psychologists and psychiatrists are concerned with treating the mind, and, a third group, the clergy, is attendant to spiritual... 1

VAPORIZZAZIONE: manuale per l’uso

Qualcuno di voi si ricorderà di figure pubbliche che hanno menzionato di aver “provato la cannabis, ma di non averla inalata.” Certe frasi politicamente corrette possono sembrare dubbiose, se non ridicole, ma tali affermazioni possono fornire lo spunto per una domanda più interessante: si può inalare la cannabis senza fumare? La... 0

Pranayama: the art and science of breathing

Thousands of years ago the holistic science of yoga originated in India. Today, an increased awareness about health and natural remedies has brought many people closer to yoga and pranayama, which have been proven to be effective methods for improving health, either by preventing or management of many diseases. A...

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E se gli psichiatri prescrivessero gite nei boschi anziché antidepressivi?

Gli “Shinrin-yoku” (letteralmente “bagni nella foresta”) sono una pratica comune in Giappone e consistono in brevi visite nei boschi che permettono di respirare sostanze volatili capaci di migliorare l’intera funzione immunitaria. Una camminata o escursione in un bosco corrisponde ad una pratica naturale di aromaterapia. Evidenze scientifiche hanno dimostrato come...

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Antitumoral Chilli Chocolate Gelato (Dairy-free)

Antitumoral chilli chocolate gelato: the ingredients benefits Chili peppers Chili peppers owe their pungent flavour to capsaicin, a bioactive phytochemical abundant in red and chili peppers [1,2]. Capsaicin has been reported to have beneficial effects for the prevention and treatment of cancer. It controls the expression of genes involved with...

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Yoga for reduction, control and prevention of hypertension

  The prevention and management of hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, represents one of the major public health challenges modern societies need to address. It has been estimated that over 76 million US people and more than 1 billion people worldwide suffer from hypertension, and that blood pressure...

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Neuroscience applied to Multiple Sclerosis’ diet

With a prevalence ranging from 33 to 80 %, patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) make use of Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) in conjunction with or in lieu of, the prescribed standard therapy. (1,2) This is due a significant need of improving quality of life (QOL), which has been ranked poor,...

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A recipe to reduce effects of ageing: Dolmades

Dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) Dolmades (or dolmathes) refer to a Middle East dish made with vine or cabbage leaves stuffed with a tasty mixture of rice, herbs, and some seasoning. The process is quite lengthy (but fun!) mainly because of the rolling. The ingredients benefits Lemons Citrus fruits like lemon are rich in... 0

VAPORIZING -A guide for inhaling Cannabis

Is vaporizing the new frontier? Some of us have heard public figures state that they have tried cannabis but they did not inhale it. Such politically correct statements seem at least dubious if not ridicules, but these statements give rise to a more interesting question: can you inhale cannabis without smoking...