Plant-based food for Festive Season


A plant-based Merry XMas to you all!huf_plantlife_stocking_xmas_601

Dear friends,

I wanted to celebrate with each of you the festive season this year and I have been thinking: “what can I do to share love without falling into the “consumer” trap?”

I wished for my gift to be something somehow inestimable and most ethical possible.

I did not want another human being, animal or natural resource to be exploited.

That is why I decided to donate you health, taste and the chance to make a difference.

Bare with me, because I don’t have a magic wand, but I do have personal expertise in cooking wonderful meals without having to kill, steal or rape other animals.

I do have the scientific understanding that a plant-based diet is dramatically lowering chances of developing the vast majority of diseases.

And, as any responsible citizen of this world, I am in love with the beauties of  Earth sufficiently, that I cannot pretend to ignore any longer the damages to our resources derived by feeding off animals.

Did you know that 25 gallons (95 litres) of water are needed to produce a pound of wheat? (That is dinner for 2 plant eaters sorted!)

How about a pound of flesh (or meat, as we like to call it to feel less guilty about it) ? A pound of meat requires 2500 gallons (9500 litres) of water!

Think how much will switching some of your meals to plant-based decreases disparities, in a world where everyone could be fed, yet we choose to use erroneously our resources, maintain high income Countries enslaved to disease, and low income Countries enslaved to starvation.

What kind of world is this?

Ours. Mine and yours, and each of our action makes the world we live.

So isn’t it time to start taking responsibility?

This year make a Xmas present to Earth: protect life!

An appetizer from our Festive Vegan CookBook

Here below is a simple but effective appetizer recipe from Festive Vegan CookBook, available at our Nature Going Shop.



Savoy cabbage rolls

  • 4 peopleSavoy cabbage rolls
  • 40 mins



  • 8 large leafs of savoy cabbage
  • 1 cup of rice
  • 2 courgettes
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 shallot
  • 50g minced walnuts
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt, pepper and nutmeg as needed


Prepare the rice as instructed.
Slice courgettes and carrotts and grind the shallot.
In a pan pour a little olive oil and when is hot add the vegetables, seasoning to taste.
Cover the pan with a lid and let it cook for few minutes.
In the meanwhile, parboil the savoy cabbage leafs in abundant salty water for about 4 minutes.
Once the leafs are soft, dispose them on a plate.
In a mixing bowl mix rice, vegetables, minced walnuts and nutmeg (if you like it).
Fill each leaf with your mixture, roll it up and place it in a casserole dish, dress them with olive oil and
place in a pre-heated oven at 180°C (or 370 F) for about 10 minutes.


Be kind this year (and all those to come!)

With the greatest gratitude,

Viola Brugnatelli


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Viola Brugnatelli

Viola Brugnatelli is a Neuroscientist specialised in Cannabinoid circuitry & GPCRs signalling. Her academy and research training let her gain extensive experience on medical cannabis and terpenes both from preclinical as well as clinical perspective. In her vision, collective human knowledge behold the power for overall improvement of life, thus, it should be accessible and shareable. Viola is Founder of the science online magazine Nature Going Smart, and works as a consultant for companies & individual patients, as a speaker at seminars and workshops and as a lecturer in a CME course on Medical Cannabis in Italy, at the University of Padua.

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