Pranayama practice: Bhramari or Humming Bee


This pranayama practice is called Humming Bee by the characteristic sound it generates. It is a tranquillising exercise and it can be performed before going to sleep or as prelude to meditation.

The breath is the most vital process of the body. It influences the activities of each and every cell and, most importantly, is intimately linked with the performance of the brain.

Observing nature, one can easily notice the link between animals with slow breath rate and long life spans.

On the physical level, this happens because the respiration is directly related to the heart. A slow breathing rate keeps the heart stronger and better nourished and contributes to a longer life, as we have examined in more depth here: “Pranayama: the art & science of Breathing”

Tips for a safe pranayama practice:

  • As a general rule, breathing exercises should be practiced on a empty stomach with bowels and bladder evacuated.
  • Keep the eyes closed throughout as otherwise the mind will wander after outside objects and be distracted.
  • Focus on the quality of your breath. It is not necessary to force or strain your inhalation and exhalation.
  • Evenness of breathing leads to healthy nerves and so to evenness of mind and temper.
  • Except few cases, breathing in pranayama is done through the nose only.

If you wish to expand your breathing practice, don’t forget to check out previous video about Alternate Nostril Breathing.

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Andrea Cristofoletto

Andrea Cristofoletto is a certified Yoga Teacher and has been studying the ancient science of yoga in India under the guidance of Sri Yogacharya Lalit Kumar from the Himalayan Tradition. He has deepened his knowledge on the therapeutic use of asana, pranayama, chanting, meditation and kriya techniques under the wise guidance of Ratheesh Kumar Atmaram. He has a BSc in Foreign Languages - Business Communication Specialist and graduated with a thesis on the socio-economic importance of the hemp fibre throughout history. Andrea has gained his experience through direct training in hemp fields practising organic agriculture.

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