Push-pull technology: an eco-friendly pest management system



In this video Caroline Balloux, biologist, describes how to improve with science a very old system used by farmers in Kenya in order to naturally repel pests.

Eco-friendly pest management system:

  • Protects wildlife and biodiversity
  • No chemical pollution of groundwater


Are you interested in more information on this? Click on the link below and download a pdf file with more detailed information on how to start using this technology today.

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Push-pull technology in Kenya
push pull.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document [455.3 KB] Download


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Caroline Balloux

Caroline Balloux (BSc (Hons) Biology) is a collaborator to the website. 'In my search to find something that would interest me, I discovered Biology. Some of us try to find ourselves through that which we study. I personally feel that learning about the evolution of life has brought me answers on a philosophical level. Sitting behind the computer screen reading scientific research papers, I realized that outside the environmental problem is real. I now want to be involved and share the knowledge I got in order to inform people about the impact their consumption pattern is having.' Caroline is currently advancing her studies with a MSc in sustainable agriculture of smallholder farming systems in the tropics at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) and is involved with permaculture facilities throughout France.

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