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Meet our Team

Andrea Cristofoletto
Co-Founder / Author
Andrea Cristofoletto is a certified Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance UK. He has been studying the ancient science of yoga in India under the guidance of Sri Yogacharya Lalit Kumar from the Himalayan Tradition. He is specialised in Ashtanga - Vinyasa yoga, pranayama, chanting, meditation and kriya techniques. He has a BSc in Foreign Languages - Business Communication Specialist. He graduated with a thesis on the socio-economic importance of the hemp fibre throughout history. Andrea has gained his experience through direct training in hemp fields practising organic agriculture. His main passions are yoga and holistic therapies, sanskrit, ayurveda and natural lifestyles and sustainable technologies.
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Viola Brugnatelli
Founder / Editor
Viola Brugnatelli is a Neuroscientist specialised in Cannabinoid circuitry, GPCRs signalling, and neuropharmacology. Her academy and research training let her gain extensive experience on medical cannabis and phytoceuticals both from preclinical as well as clinical perspective. She works as a consultant and speaker at seminars, workshops & tutorials for MDs, Universities and individual patients. She has been raised by the concepts of equality, responsibility and love towards the environment, others and oneself. In her vision, collective human knowledge behold the power for overall improvement of life at all its forms, thus, it should be accessible and shareable. Viola is currently researching therapeutic potentials of terpenes at University College of Dublin, Ireland, and established since 2014 the Science Online Magazine Nature Going Smart.
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Alessandro Rossi
Co-Founder / Webmaster
Alessandro Rossi is a webmaster, entrepreneur and cannabis enthusiast. Through his background in Mechanical Engineering and his passion for Science, Technology and Internet it has approached the e-commerce world working for some Italian Food Companies. He worked as a consultant for the food production industry (process control and optimization). During his travels he was able to improve his knowledge and interest in languages and foreign cultures deepening the study of the psychology of human being. Alessandro firmly believe in personal freedom and world equality. Human Right Activist: currently is serving as consultant in a refugee camp for asylum seekers. His main passions are Medicinal Plants and Fungi, DIY, Electronics, Industrial Automation, Hydroponic System and Greenhouse Technology.
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Gregor Zorn
Consultant / Author
Gregor Zorn is a Nutritionist, Biologist and cannabinoid consultant. After discovering the potentials of the Cannabis plant he has used his Biology knowledge to avidly study and comprehend its potential uses in healing and alleviating disease symptoms. He is also a speaker and is on a mission to educate people about the endocannabinoid system and the role phytocannabinoids can have in their lives. He is currently working in Slovenia as a consultant and is the co-owner of Herbeks, a company specializing in cannabinoid products as well as nutritional and herbal consulting.
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Solange Brugnatelli Vianini
Solange Brugnatelli Vianini graduated in BSc Biomedical Sciences. In her free time she enjoys trying out new recipes and sharing them with friends, and marrying this passion with her interest in sustainability, which is driving her actions towards reduced landfill waste, carbon footprint and animal products consumption. She cures a monthly recipe column on Nature Going Smart "with disease prevention in mind and planet care on the heart". Solange is currently researching genetic mutations by honing her bioinformatic skills at Abertay University, Scotland.
André Y. Osava M. Carvalho
Guest Author
André Y. Osava M. Carvalho graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Mackenzie University (São Paulo, Brazil), specialising on Nutraceticals, Functional Food and Nutrigenomics (University of Auckland, NZ). André has been interested since young age in "Human-nature symbiosis", learning ways to be useful with nature, instead of making nature useful. He understands that the complexity of our co-dependance with nature is reflected in Cannabis. In a quest for betterment of health, life & relationship with Nature, André is also interested in working with nutrition, lifestyle, philosophy and other subjects that draw nature closer to our rationality and conscience. He's currently based in São Paulo, Brazil, working for research and strategy of a start-up R&D pharmaceutical company, Entourage Phytolab, that aims to develop Cannabis-based extracts and medicines.
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Emilie Balloux
Emilie Balloux is an undergraduate student on her third year of an MA in Literature at University of Dundee, Scotland. She is involved in writing the University magazine "Magdalene" reconciling her interest in art & humanity with that of science, (her former background), with a special focus in neuroscience, microbiology and evolutionary psychology. There is a huge language cleavage between the fields of Science and Humanities; this tends to isolate the research and findings made by each sphere only to people who are familiar with the specific jargon. It’s important to have people willing to “translate” such information; to make accessible such information to a wider audience without losing the scientific credibility behind it. This is why sites like NatureGoingSmart are important, they help this transition from a more theoretical realm to a pragmatic one: where people can actively engage with the scientific material to enhance their day to day lives and lessen the pressures on the planet. "My philosophy of life encompasses minimalistic, existentialist, humanist and environmentalist views. The observation “the planet has enough for human need but not for human greed” really resonates with me and I believe that we should tend to our relationship with ourselves, with others and the planet to advance through life in a constructive way."
Caroline Balloux
Caroline Balloux (BSc (Hons) Biology) is a collaborator to the website. 'In my search to find something that would interest me, I discovered Biology. Some of us try to find ourselves through that which we study. I personally feel that learning about the evolution of life has brought me answers on a philosophical level. Sitting behind the computer screen reading scientific research papers, I realized that outside the environmental problem is real. I now want to be involved and share the knowledge I got in order to inform people about the impact their consumption pattern is having.' Caroline is currently advancing her studies with a MSc in sustainable agriculture of smallholder farming systems in the tropics at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) and is involved with permaculture facilities throughout France.