Yoga sequence for peripheral neuropathy (MGUS)


The following yoga sequence has been developed for a patient of MGUS (Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance) suffering with an hemiparesis.

Tailored video: MGUS

The patient had reduced mobility to the entire right side of the body. We aimed to increase body awareness, proprioception and neuromuscular responses little by little, starting with very simple exercises.

Although this sequence was specifically designed for our patient’ needs, it can be practiced by everyone. It can be a great insight on the topic and a nice way to discover different exercises.


Sequence structure

On a chair:

  • face exercises
  • eye exercises
  • mouth exercises
  • mouth & full face exercise
  • neck exercises
  • spine twist exercise
  • shoulders exercises

On the yoga mat:

  • cat/cow position
  • balasana
  • shalabasana
  • dandasana
  • baddha konasana
  • upavishta konasana
  • reclining leg cradles
  • setu bhandasana
  • paschimottanasana
  • shavasana


If you are patient and would like to get your tailored sequence, get in touch with us at:

We hope you enjoy.



Andrea Cristofoletto

Andrea Cristofoletto is a certified Yoga Teacher and has been studying the ancient science of yoga in India under the guidance of Sri Yogacharya Lalit Kumar from the Himalayan Tradition. He has deepened his knowledge on the therapeutic use of asana, pranayama, chanting, meditation and kriya techniques under the wise guidance of Ratheesh Kumar Atmaram. He has a BSc in Foreign Languages - Business Communication Specialist and graduated with a thesis on the socio-economic importance of the hemp fibre throughout history. Andrea has gained his experience through direct training in hemp fields practising organic agriculture.

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